Connect to a TV from a computer wireless

October 8th, 2015

Nowadays, the most of laptops have HDMI which is a type of connector most of TV have. But that is not very fun to have cables laying on the floor. I prefer to do it wireless. You can use apple tv or android tv box. They can use do screen mirroring wireless. But they are normally priced over $99. I like to ChromeCast which is only $49. Then I can project my android phone and my computer with chrome browser. Please don't misunderstand that is only casting my browser screen, I can cast my whole computer screen to tv! That is easy and just $49.

WWDC 2015

September 10th, 2015

Last night, that was WWDC 2015! A number of new stuff from Apple have been announced.A new Apple TV, a new version of watchOS and a new version of Siri. The most eyes catching things is iPhone 6s. This version has a new color, pink(Rose Gold)! My wife like this color! Moreover, it has a camera which supports 4K video and a faster CPU. It has force touch too, That sounds cool! iPhone 6s is from $649, iPhone 6s is from $749. Another new hardware is iPad Pro, which is a biggest version of iPad,12.1 inch screen and it got a Pen too, the pen calls Apple Pencil. That made drawing easier.
Well, the news make me to consider for buying some new hardware!

Using NUC to be a developer box

July 11th, 2015

I am considering to get a Developer PC for myself. I did some traveling from time to time. Mainly, they are traveling my home in Brisbane to my home in Hong Kong. That is no troubles to get the keyboard and monitor, even I can get a think client. Thus, I am thinking to get a INTEL NUC which is not big and not heavy at all. That is similar form factor of mac mini, which is easy to carry around. Moreover, that is much cheaper than a laptop.
I got a supplier can do that for me too, It can get Core i7 and 16 GB with 240GB SSD in a reasonable price.
But that is not a normal way, the most of people will get a laptop. Am I too crazy?

iOS:Application Loader Error:you are not authorised to use this service

June 27th, 2015
iOS:Application Loader Error:you are not authorised to use this service

Recently, I built an iOS app and I have packed it as ipa. Then I used the Application Loader to upload it to itunecconnect. Then I got an error you are not authorised to use this service. This is a very silly, that is because I have reset my password recently, I need to do click the area I clicked in the picture. And then I will have a dialog box popup then I entered the new login details and then it works!

Smart Watch is the next big thing

June 21st, 2015

After the WWDC last week, watchOS has announced, there is a watchKit for developers. We can build apps on running appleWatch. Moreover, there is AndroidWear in the market for some time, On 2007, Apple released iPhone. It opens a market for independent developers to build apps running on phones. That was a game changer! The most of people have access to software applications in anywhere. Now, that is the second level, this is a wearable smart device. The users can have easier access to software applications. That will be another big changes