Error 1603: Java Update did not complete.

April 5th, 2016

I got this error when I upgrade a Java Installation in Windows 10. I got the error 1603, even I restarted the computers a number of times. Finally, according to the instructions from java, I uninstalled the whole Java runtime and downloaded the offline installer rather than using online upgrade. Then that works again!

Apple Event: iPhone SE and Smaller iPad Pro

March 22nd, 2016

Last night, there was an apple event. Thus, this morning, I got up and checked their website, I am quite disappointed. Mainly, they are going to release two new products. Firstly, they will release a new version of iPhone, iPhone SE . That is a lower end product than iPhone 6s and looks like iPhone 4. Secondly, a new version of iPad Pro is coming, that has a smaller screen, 9-7 inch screen. I did not feel exciting for these two products. Also, I was looking forward to a hardware refresh for Mac Mini and Macbook Pro. They are not using the latest version of Intel CPU, skylake yet. But this event has not mentioned any plans about that at all.

Quick Fix : Bootstrap mobile menu not collapsing

March 18th, 2016

I just built a website in Bootstrap, I fount the mobile menu won't be collapsing after I clicked menu button. I tested in a number of mobile platforms, all of them are not working. After I reviewed the code, actually, that caused by referencing the bootstrap js file two times. My theory is the mobile menu won't be collapsing if the js file references more than once in the html page.

Sony Portal SSD Disk

March 12th, 2016
Sony Portal SSD Disk

This is another new toy I bought in Hong Kong. Actually, that is for work. This toy is very useful for work. This hard disk is using SSD rather than mobile hard disk, so this is more portable than a normal Mobile hard disk, this is a little heavier than a USB thumb disk. Moreover, the speed is much faster than the USB thumb disk. This hard disk have around 36 MB per second, which is a little bit faster than the Normal Hard Disk. Finally, I carried this hard disk to work every day as the extended data storage!

Office 2016 with other office 2013 products

February 25th, 2016

If you are considering to upgrade your office product included office suite, visio and publisher to the latest 2016, please re-consider that. This version of office cannot work with other older version office products. For example, you installed office 2013 and visio 2013, you want to upgrade visio 2013, it will ask you to uninstall 2013 first. For myself, that is a common practice, not all of my office products keep to the latest version, in the past years, I upgraded the office suite to the latest, and left visio to be one or two version older. That saved money.
However, in Office 2016 environment, this practice won't work anymore. No matters, you install older version office products first, then putting 2016 version later, it won't work. When you install any office 2016 products, it will say you got some older version office products, please uninstall them.
If you have more one than office products and you want to have a upgrade, you have to upgrade all of them!