Kindle from Move Closing Down Sales

May 29th, 2016
Kindle from Move Closing Down Sales

I got the 1st Generation of Kindle about ten years ago. Then I changed to use a tablet to read books about a few years, but that is not very good for eyes. Last month,Move (a sub-brand of Dick Smith) had a closing down sales because all dick smith stores need to be closed down. There were a lot of stocking had a bargain. I used this chance to buy a Knidle Touch 7" for 30% off around $75! I think that is a value for money as a eBook reader. That has a better screen(167 ppi) than my old one. It got a touch screen without a keyboard, that is lighter and easier to carry around. That is lighter than my iPad Mini (1st Generation) I love it! Only one disadvantage is without a backlight screen, but eInk screen is better for my eyes.

I think I will like Google Allo

May 20th, 2016

Google has announced their new instance messaging app, Allo. I think I will like that. It has a lot of emotion icons which the most Asian People love to use. Moreover, you can control the font size of the message you sent. That is cool. Also, you can add some handwriting on the photo you sent. How's cool it is!

Stack View

May 19th, 2016

I love the stack layout a lot. I used that in Android and WPF for years. Finally, xCode got a similar control calls Stack View. But that is only available iOS9+. If you set the build target below 9, that is not working. Anyway, the most of iOS devices can be upgraded to iOS 9. That should not be a huge problem

Whatsapp Desktop Client

May 12th, 2016

Finally, Whatsapp has released their desktop client. They got windows and OSX version. Well, actually, it looks same as their web client. Also, it got the same process to activate the client. It will generate the QR code and you need open your mobile app to scan the QR code. It sounds that requires the mobile app to send and receive the message.
Not Much different. I think that is useful for you, if you do not have a chrome browser to open the app.

LG v10 with Andorid 6.0

May 10th, 2016
LG v10 with Andorid 6.0

Android 6.0 has released more than 6 months, but my V10 has not received yet. I checked that via OTA. There is no updates at all. However, V10 is connected with LG Bridge. There is a update for Android 6.0. Previously, I got Android 5.1 which is already very good in terms of memory of usage and performance. Thus, I did not spotted a huge improvements in performance. However, finger printer recognition is much faster.
Lastly, it has a game as the hidden feature too. You just need to click Android number a number of times, it will pop up